Really pleased to announce that the big education project that I have been working on for several months has now been launched.

It has been difficult this year managing all the requests that people want me to get involved in and due to pressure of time, money and the need to strike a balance with my school work I have had to say no to some.

This particular project though was one I was very keen to do as I love the idea of peer to peer learning, spreading a positive message, educating  and inspiring other young people to understand the  issues affecting our health, our lives and the things we can all do to make a difference. It is mostly aimed at nursery and primary school level.

I met Helen Foulson of Twinkl at the Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield and she was very keen to work with me on a project. The company have been very easy to work with and were happy to take on board my ideas. I’m never very keen to listen or watch myself speaking  but I am really pleased with what they have achieved in terms of the videos and artwork. The cartoon style images of me they have created are pretty cool ! Hopefully this is the start of a series of projects with them.

The personal nature of the project they suggested did initially make me feel uncomfortable as I thought it might result in the kids at school taking the mickey or worse, but in the end I thought that the issues we young people face were far too important to ignore and worth any backlash I might get.

I wasn’t really aware how big an education resource company Twinkl were until I was invited to their head office to do the filming  and saw how many people they employ (500 +) not only here but around the world.

The thought that the resource we have created will now be available to teachers in  all schools in many different countries is pretty mental and something I am very proud of.

Twinkl have a large Facebook presence, TwinklResources, where all the banners, school assembly pack etc can be viewed. The plan is to slowly add to the resources over the next few weeks. It will also be available on their Twitter account at some point too.

I would be happy to hear any constructive comments about what people think of the resource as it will evolve over the next few months.

Thanks Finlay

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