Ullapool Shark Ambassador

Finlay Pringle

Environmental Campaigner

Born in 2007, began campaigning aged 10


Hi, I’m Finlay Pringle, marine conservationist, climate change activist, Sea Shepherd and Ullapool Shark Ambassador, most people call me Fin.

Sharks are my all-time favourite marine creatures. I am very passionate about protecting them as they are very mis-understood and under serious threat world wide. Sharks only kill a handful of people each year but humans kill 100 million sharks every year. 73 million of these sharks being used to make shark fin soup. Many of the sharks used to make this soup have their fins chopped off and are then thrown back into the sea alive to die a slow, painful death. Rather than being scared of sharks we should be scared for sharks and doing more to protect them. I have campaigned to try and stop sharks being kept in captivity and I am totally against all marine aquariums that also keep cetaceans in tanks. In 2018 I was made a shark ambassador by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in recognition of my campaign to highlight the cruelty of Bear Grylls exploiting sharks at his new adventure park in Birmingham. I look forward to continuing to be a positive voice for sharks for many years. My latest campaign is to help ban the selling of shark fin soup and shark meat in restaurants in the UK and to spread the message to get shark-finning banned world wide. Thanks for visiting my site, Fin




COP Years 

Every Friday, Globally, Kids are on School Strike for Climate Action

Please join us…  08.30am – 9.30am every Friday outside Ullapool Primary School.


During lockdown Fin and Ella took part in digital strikes;- #ClimateStrikeOnline and have been counting down the weeks until #COP26 began on Sunday 31st October 2021 and ran for 2 weeks.
Lots of talking took place now the world is waiting for action by world leaders that did a lot of talking at COP26!! 


Photos and Media

Lots of people have taken photos of campaigns and events especially my Dad Geoff, he’s also my interview wingman!

We have been interviewed for newspaper articles, radio and TV programmes, that has been helpful in spreading the word about some campaigns.

NOW our planet needs politicians to listen and take action.

School Strike

Kids like me are school striking for climate action

Shark Fin Soup

Speaking out against this cruel practise

Bear Grylls

Was not the kind of person I thought he was #EmptyTheTanks

Walk for Wildlife

Shared the stage with Chris Packham, he’s a fantastic inspiring mentor

Amazing Kids

Young environmental action takers. Doing great things for the planet.

Fridays For Future School Strike for Climate Action