Ambassadors for the Planet

Young People Doing Amazing Things

Proud to have met all of these young people who are each doing something BIG for the planet. All those included care about nature, our environment and protect wildlife.  Fine friends to have, take a bow!

Lilly Platt

Lilly’s Plastic Pickup

Xander Johnson

AntBoy – Nature Conservationist

Amelia Bradbury

Wildlife Mimi

Dara McNulty

Young Fermanagh Naturalist

James Miller

Knee Deep in Nature

The Chicks

Round the UK on a Tenner a Day

Fridays for Future

Global School Strikes

Bella Lack

Call from the Wild

Ella Pringle

Marine Connection Anti-Captivity Ambassador

Kabir Kaul

Kaul of the Wild

Georgia Locock

Georgia’s Wildlife Watch

Holly Gillibrand

Rewilding Ambassador ScotlandTBP

Alex White

Appleton Wildlife Diary

Rebecca Bailey

Rebecca’s Butterfly Farm


The Rubbish Club

Sunnyside Primary

Ocean Defenders NaeStrawAtAw

Ari Goanta

Ariana’s Ark