Well I’ve done some things that I am very proud of in my 5 years of activism but helping to fund and create this Shark education pack for schools has to be top of my list.
Super chuffed that it is finally ready to be used by any school or person at absolutely no cost.
Hopefully it will help to inspire many more young people to become shark lovers and help campaign to protect these magnificent, misunderstood creatures.
Huge thanks to Megan McCubbin, Steve Backshall Helen Czerski for your informative contributions but especially to Graham from Bite-Back Shark & Marine Conservation for all your hard work making this happen from our first chat 2 years ago and finally to First News for coming on board to help create such an amazing resource.
Download the pack and if you do have a spare couple of pounds please do think about donating to this small shark charity who are doing big things for sharks.