School Strike for Climate Action

The First Children in Scotland to Participate in the Global School Strike for Climate Action


With my sister Ella Pringle and our friend Megan Ross, I started striking on 14th December 2018.

Generally we strike outside Ullapool Primary School or the clock tower in the village every Friday morning from 08.30am.

Lots of people in the media are saying us kids, all over the world, are only striking as an excuse to skip school. I would like to assure you that is not true! We have even been striking during our school holidays too. If for any reason we are not in Ullapool on a Friday, Ella and I strike where ever we are.  Beatrice Brinkler who is a very cool lady that set up The Highland Hospital Wildlife Trust and knows heaps, keeps up our strike presence in Ullapool village often with a group of her friends. Thanks to Beatrice and friends for all that you do to support us!

When we have been away from home we have protested outside the most handy Government building or an event we are attending. There are news posts about this on my website now.  No matter if I have been in Ullapool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Strasbourg even Canada I have kept up my school strike for climate action. There are now school strikes for climate action that take place on Fridays all over the world.

Collectively known as Fridays for Future #FFF the website shows the numbers of people striking is increasing every week. It shows where people are striking too. These days local people of all ages come out and show support, even in a small coastal village like Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, we never know who might show up and join us.

Please listen to my BBC Radio 5 interview with Stephen Nolan to find out why we are doing this and please tell your family and friends.

Thanks very much Fin



Ullapool School Strikes for Climate Action – The Early Days!
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