Extra exciting news this week!

Always keen to work with like minded people and educate others;- Finlay strives to capture hearts and minds to bring about positive action in people to take better care of our planet. This week Finlay has become an Ambassador for Planeteer Alliance who said;-

“A healthy planet is not possible without commitment. Finlay Pringle personifies consistency and commitment in his defense of marine life, work to end ocean pollution, and insistence for climate action from his home town in Scotland.
Last Friday marked his 161st week of striking as a part of the #FridaysforFuture campaign – a youth-led international movement of students who skip their Friday classes to demonstrate, demanding political leaders take action against the fossil fuel industry and do more to stop climate change.
Finlay’s commitment to environmental advocacy began with his passion for shark conservation. Since the age of 10, he has been an outspoken champion for his “fin-ed” friends, pressuring the restaurant industry to stop serving shark fin soup. His activism has been recognized by a number of publications, including the BBC, and in 2019, the @peoplespetawards named him the Young Animal Hero of the Year.

We are in awe of Finlay and all of our Planeteers! We can’t wait to see what the first year of the Planeteer Alliance will bring.”

Finlay’s New Year’s Planeteer Resolution is to continue educating about the import role our oceans perform in maintaining a healthy planet, raising awareness about the impacts of fishing, plastic pollution and climate change and what we can all do to find positive solutions.

Planeteer Alliance Ambassador