March 11-14th 2019

I went to the European Parliament Strasbourg with 60 other young people, including my friend Lilly Platt (Lilly’s Plastic Pickup), who are part of the European FridaysForFuture (FFF) movement. We came from 20 different countries and we were invited there to talk to the MEP’s and to listen to the climate debate and what they are doing to stop climate change.

The first day we held a private meeting to discuss plans and how we can develop and take the FFF movement forward. All decisions taken required complete agreement from the 60 activists. The next day we listened to the EU parliament climate debate, there were only 30 MEPs present and they were talking about plans for 2030 and 2050 which I think is too little too late. After listening to the debate, we held a press conference. I was picked to speak to the press first about why I started striking and my own experiences from striking in a small community.

We all travelled to Strasbourg by train which for us took almost 24 hours but it was a wonderful experience to go and meet up with all the other young climate activists. It was a busy few days with lots of newspaper and radio interviews and even an interview by STV.


These are the Official Photos of the Press Conference in Strasbourg
Photos taken by photographer Fred MARVAUX big thanks to Fred

These are the photos that Geoff Pringle my Dad took, BIG thanks to Dad he came with me and financed the trip!