Ella Pringle

Ella Pringle

Environmental Campaigner | School Striker for Climate Action | Younger sister of Finlay Pringle - Ullapool Shark Ambassador


My name is Ella Pringle. I am 10 years old and I love all cetaceans.

I am organising a protest march in Edinburgh on Saturday 29th June with my mum.

We are going to the Norwegian, Danish, Russian and Japanese consulates to give them a letter to ask them to stop whaling.

I am doing this because Japan has left the IWC and is going to start whaling again from the 01st July.

There is a similar march planned in London on the same day. We couldn’t get to that one so mum helped me to organise one in Edinburgh.

Follow  Global March for Whales Edinburgh for all the most up to date details.
Meet us at 12.30pm Parish Church of St. Cuthbert, Prince’s Street Gardens, Edinburgh EH1 2EP.




Posters just arrived today!