Friday 9th December 2022 Climate Strike Week 208 in Ullapool, Scotland
4 YEARS of school striking but still things get worse!
Ink had hardly dry on latest COP agreements & UK Government announces a new coal mine, having lectured the world about moving away from coal at COP26 in Glasgow.
Unbelievable decision in a Climate Crisis!
Unbelievable hypocrisy!
Global climate leadership credibility = zero

#FridaysForFuture #schoolstrike4climate #PeopleNotProfit #KeepItInTheGround #nomorecoal #ClimateStrike 

Snaps of Ullapool’s Creel Christmas tree in the snow below – as sustaibable as you like!

Creel Tree Ullapool
Ullapool Creel Tree
Creel Christmas Tree