Friday 17th June, School Strike week 183 in Ullapool, Scotland.
Myself and Ella spent 2 days at #SeaScot22 in Glasgow. Great to finally meet some of the marine people in person rather than on yet another Zoom call.
As per usual the keynote contribution from The Scottish Government minister Màiri McAllan MSP for Clydesdale was yet more ‘world leading’ spin and meaningless statistics. Why do I always find myself screaming JUST GET ON WITH IT ! whenever any politician is talking about the climate or environment.
Main takeaways : As usual no shortage of ambition from @MairiMcAllan & @scotgov policy makers. But please just stop moving the goal posts – eg the new NMP2. Take real action NOW, implement the ambition & fund it properly so it can succeed – the allocated £0.5m SMEEF fund is a joke. We need billions invested to bring about real recovery. Cheaper by far to prevent damage in the first place than to try and restore after the damage has been done
The snacks n food was top notch!

14th June, 2022

Another fintastic evening with Billie Eilish concert in OVO Hydro Glasgow !
Spreading the Planeteer Alliance and Captain Planet Captain Planet Foundation messages about the global issues impacting our planet.  Once again Ella and I were sharing our love for sharks, whales & dolphins by promoting the amazing shark conservation work of Gallifrey Foundation and Fly Without Fins & the cetacean anti captivity work of Marine Connection
Thanks once again to Reverb for the invite and opportunity !