Climate strike week 179 in Ullapool, Scotland Friday 20th May 2022
Hard to believe that after hosting COP26 the Government are planning to continue funding fossil fuel projects.
This isn’t climate leadership it’s a complete abdication of responsibility in the middle of a CLIMATE EMERGENCY!
Monday 16th May
Northern Times online ran a good article our beach cleans at Scouriemore and the fantastic work that Plasticatbay are doing in recycling and battling the plastic tide
Saturday 14th May
Inspired by Maree Todd MSP‘s visit to the beach cleaning legends Plasticatbay in Durness and her trip with them to see Scouriemore we returned to the beach today to try and finish off the large pile of ropes and nets. This beach is without doubt one of the worst on the Scottish mainland.
5 hours of hard work by Mum, Dad and me resulted in the removal of a further 51 bags totalling 456.7kg, which combined with last months visit brings the total for the 2 trips to 733kg.
Hopefully the before and after pictures clearly show what we managed to remove from what is a relatively small part of the beach.
Since we started last summer we have now as a family done 6 cleans and removed 2166kg of ropes, netting and twine from this one beach.
Now we move on to the much more difficult task of removing all the plastic pollution from between the boulders, the area behind the logs. It’s a continual battle but one that we feel, with the help of others, we are beginning to win against the plastic tide
Jojo raises money for The Shark Trust this one’s for you. Think we nailed it ! ?