The speech I read out on behalf of Fridays For Future Europe in Lausanne 2 years ago today and as relevant now as it was then.
It’s time to change. It’s time for politicians to take real action.
It’s time to #UprootTheSystem !
“We are at a crossroads in history. The collapse of our society and our ecosystems are on the horizon and time is running out. What happens in the next months and years will determine how the future of humankind will look like. Our collective extinction is a scarily realistic outcome.
Politicians all over the world are ignoring the emergency. But we have decided that we cannot wait any longer. We have come together ……… because we are united by our common fears and goals and the time to act is now. We care about the future.
In five days of international exchange in Lausanne we have discovered that we have differences. We are all individuals, coming from 38 different countries, talking in 29 different languages, living 421 different lives and calling upon 38 different governments to take action. There are people in this world who will try to use this in order to drive us apart. This is why we have decided to show them that our united vision is stronger. In our hearts we all carry the same concerns, goals and values and they connect us in every moment, no matter where we are and what challenges we face. The climate crisis knows no borders and neither do we.
Together we will change this world for the better. For us and for all generations to come.”